Discover thrill and enjoyment with a series of activities that are full of entertainment and joy. At Botfit, we offer several fun-filled activities that bring out the competitive spirit. Enjoy the thrill and adventure with the Obstacle Fun game, to test your agility and endurance. Speed up to victory with Cone Race or test your lung capacity with Balloon Blow activity.  

If you’re passionate about dance, then Dance Grooving is a perfect activity for you. For sports lovers, the Football race is a great option to combine running and dribbling skills.  Swing like a Tarzan with Tarzan Swing activity or join the ultimate Foam War to test your jumping, ducking, and diving skills. For mystery seekers, the Mystery Find activity will test detecting skills and patience.

Activity Zone


  • Obstacle Fun
  • Cone Race
  • Balloon Blow
  • Dance Grooving
  • Football Race
  • Tarzan Swings 
  • Foam War 
  • Mystery Find

      and many more activities ...

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