Pet Birthday

Celebrate the moment of joy with your furry friend's special day in style!

At Botfit, we believe “Every tail deserves its own tale"! Let's make a memorable fiesta filled with treats and joy and create Paw-some memories.  Our goal is to build a connection of love that fosters a deep bond between you and your pet. It's not just a celebration but an experience to craft a cherished chapter in the tale of your pet's life.

Furry Services

Pet Birthday Photography

Every moment is precious when you spend it with your loved one and capture such moment with our professional photography team. These pictures will create a lasting memory of shared moments that showcase a special connection between you and your pet.

Customized Pet Birthday Cakes

Treat your pet to the delight of irresistible cake you can personalize according to your dietary needs and preferences. The cakes we offer are made with pet-friendly ingredients to make sure that your pet enjoys its birthday festivities.

Pet Party Entertainment

Rather than just doing an ordinary celebration, let’s add some entertainment with pet-friendly games, agility courses and animal shows. These entertainment activities create a fun-loving environment at the party

Pet Pampering


Give your pet some pampering by setting up pampering stations where the pet can indulge in various grooming services like nail trims, pet massages and even pet-friendly spa treatments.

Pet Toy Making Station

DIY toy-making for your pet is another interactive activity you can add to a party. The activity allows your guests to get creative and adds a personal touch to any gathering. It is also a fun way to keep engaging the guest while showing love to your pets.

Pet Party Favor Packages

Make your furry companion's special day more special and unforgettable with our pet party favour packages comprises of dog toys, tennis balls, dog bones etc. Giving your guests small gifts will leave them with a smile and a lasting memory.  

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